December 2008

Or so they say šŸ˜›

I’ve been busy playing around, creating a new blog, one I will be sharing with a good friend, what do I say, almost family šŸ˜€

But as we both want to be sure everything is to both our liking – and as she’s in the US and I’m in Europe we have to coordinate time zones to find some overlapping – usually when she’s having breakfast, I’m already thinking about dinner, or when she’s ready to go to bed, I’m just drinking my first cup of coffee šŸ˜€

So you guys and girls will have to wait a while to see what we’ve come up with – probably somewhere beginning next year šŸ˜‰

It’s the big day again. Even when my girls are already well in their teens, they still want to keep the tradition upheld (ha – of course, they’re the ones getting the presents!). But even Sinterklaas feels the pinch of the recession. So less sweets (we still have leftovers from last year, so that was a no-brainer really šŸ˜€ ) and only a few toys. Only problem is, the bigger the kid, the smaller the toy but also the more expensive :pĀ  But well, I get to play with them too, so it’s not too bad šŸ˜‰

They’ve got 2 games for the Wii – Monopoly and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV party – and one for the PC, the first extension for Spore . Today they can play, tomorrow it gets locked away. They’ve got exams, so some studying needs to be done. When we had their reports for daily work, they shared a first place, they have to keep up standards after all.

And I’m off building a few monsters now šŸ˜€

I like the new ‘backstage’ look of wordpress! I really do! It’s neat and compact and gives you a nice overview and reduces frantic back-and-forth clicking of tabs etc to a major extent. A+ for the designers and crew!

What I also notice now is that my ‘About’ page gets the most clicks of all my posts (not that I have such a huge following already, teehee) but there’s hardly anything to see as I never know what to talk about when it’s about myself. Well, I did a bit of work there, so there’s a little bit to read about me. Go and have a look. Not that you will find anything that you didn’t know already, probably, but still, the page hasn’t got that empty look anymore šŸ˜€

Nic Balthazar, one of Belgium’s leading film makers, has made a clip to draw the attention to the need of having a proper law concerning emmissions in Europe. Now it’s up to us to badger the politicians until they do something about it. The site, tells you all about it (in dutch) the banner underneath leads you to the english site and here is the film itself, in english to keep it international, but you can also view it of course, in dutch and french – this is Belgium after all šŸ˜€

It’s December already! How time flies when you’re having fun – or not even. I thought of putting up an advent calendar, with something to come back to every day, mostly for myself. Ha! Yesterday zoomed by and I didn’t even make the starting line. Tsss… So I need to find two things for today. But what?

The last days I’ve kept busy with Bebo and learned how to make a skin. I’ve got a pretty thick skin already, but this is one with a tiger on top šŸ˜† I’m trying to make a forum (didn’t have that yet on the net) but need to learn phpBB for that – not easy, so it’s a lot of hit and miss. I’m certainly not satisfied with it yet šŸ˜›

And all the while my net connection is playing up. Especially the girls are not happy with it, as it plays havoc with their social life (aka msn and netlog ;)), so I’m off to have a stern talk with the guys of Telenet. They keep fobbing me off with a computer voice (I hate computer voices!!) or otherwise they say it’s my router. It is not. I updated the firmware, so it should be running like the wind. Instead of that I get a cranky old firefly that keeps blinking on and off šŸ‘æ

Something needs to be done. Now where is that whip?