October 2007

Rooz or Rambo? GI Jane?

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My very first venture on YouTube – this little hamster is just too big for her own good 😀 Maybe we should check her food…

Youngest’s hamster, Rooz, should be renamed Rambo (or should that be GI Jane, as it’s a girl?). We bought her a new cage as she kept rattling and gnawing the bars of the old one which made a hell of a noise at night – but it looks like she just doesn’t like being cooped up and defies gravity while hanging on the top of her cage now! First video – we will try another one with a bit of better lighting during another performance…


Happy pig

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Maybe it’s unusual, but I added Nelleke, the happy pig from the Kinderboerderij Mikerf to the pool of the recently started Passionately Pink for the Cure Flickr group.
This in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness, as told in their blog. Contrary to what they say there though, you can now upload as many pink pictures as you like. In only a few days there are already 3130 members and 10696 pictures in the group and they’re adding on and on by the second 🙂 So, what’s easier to donate to charity than adding your pretty pink pictures to the group pool?
Go find your pink pics and join us!

What’s a birthday party without a sleepover?

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Since we’ve got the new sofa, the kids always want it in the extended version – which means they grab all the space! Oki is lucky, she got a sheepskin basket for her birthday (first of October) and yes, some more goodies on the 4th for St Francis too 🙂

I told the kids they’re not allowed to lift her out of there, so she has at least one place she can call her safe spot 😀

I must admit, it is rather cosy, all four of us, huddled under spare quilts and duvets (during the daytime they go inside the sofa – handy!) watching tv – although they have to be careful when drinking or eating, as I said I would personally chew the face off of anyone who made the first stain on the new sofa – it has to stay pristine – at least until Christmas! 😀

Although, sometimes the fun can get too far – or they crowd into each other’s private space and then you get faces like this:
Moan, moan, grumble,...

Ah, and tomorrow youngest is officially a teenager too – wooh – I can’t wait for the fun and tantrums (not!) 😉