day 243: proof that people grow to resemble their avatars….

Originally uploaded by estherase.

Esther is one of the people I got to meet on the net after I moved back to Belgium. Then I found out she was living almost around the corner where we lived in the UK, d’oh!

Thanks to her I got to know more about London in these last three years than I did during the decade I actually lived there. Luckily we pop over regularly, because the kids visit their dad about 4 times a year. As Est loves chocolate, I try to bring her a box once in a while – and she lets me browse through her library and so I discovered Jasper Fforde and Dirk Gently for example 🙂
I think it was even her example that made me take an account on Flickr (my first year was a gift from another good friend!) and I’ve never done a better thing 😀
Go and have a look through her stream. She’s got the most amazing view on ‘ordinary’ things, she makes me look at the world with a different slant and I love it. Her ‘365 days’ series is a beauty – once in a while you just have to laugh out loud, really, just like when I saw the one I post here. I just had to blog about it, it’s too good not to share 😀

You rock, Est, and with pics like this you make my day!