Weird rash? Nope…

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I thought it was just another bout of one of Yasmina’s weird rashes, but after a visit to the doctor, it seems they are ‘pearl warts’, (normally more common with babies, as they like a sticky, humid environment the dr said) and she probably caught them when swimming.
The week after that, after applying a heavy layer of ‘magic cream’ , the dr scooped them out with a tiny icecream spoon. Now poor kid has an armful of red scars, like a bad bout of chicken pox. Luckily the weather isn’t too hot, as I told her she had to keep her arms (yeah well, you can hardly have a shirt with one long and one short sleeve) covered so as the sun wouldn’t touch it, otherwise it will leaves marks. She was really brave – normally she’s a wimp and I’m left with a numb hand ;D – and even kept an eye on proceedings – yes it does looks eew as it rather bleeds profusely, even when they’re all just superficial nicks.

You know why I deserve the tag ‘bad mother’? As my first comment was when the dr started “ooh, rats, I forgot my camera!” 😦