June 2007

I’ve done this many steps today – yes, my feet are sore and I’ve got 1 blister, even when wearing crocs…

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We went on the FNAC Fotomarathon and we walked for hours and hours – 29722 steps – I can hardly believe it – certainly when you know that on a ‘normal’ day I barely get above 2000 steps 😀
I bought this stepmeter because I wanted to know if I was turning into a sloth lately – well, if I get my daily steps up a bit more, maybe the equatorial circumference goes down a bit – which was the whole point buying the meter really 😀


You sometimes find famous people in the Aquarium 😀

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Passing through the Aquarium in the Zoo of Antwerpen, we saw a beautiful starfish – and look, it’s the spitting image of Patrick 🙂

Combination of two pics – so I can blog it – just for the sake of it – nothing terribly interesting happens during the weekends here 😉

1. Mum, look! It’s Patrick!, 2. patrick_PS

A friend – I’ve never met him, and now never will.
Cheers! Slainte! Proost!
Every Union Jack I’ll ever see again, I’ll remember you…

Thinking of you, the world over

For Graham

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This is the pic I use as an avatar for most of my virtual identities – minus the lolcatisation for the moment. What do you think? Should I use the lolcats one or should I stay plain?

Am I a softie actually?

 I was talking about Lolcats a few days ago, remember?  I’m still browsing the site on a daily basis and yesterday late I submitted my first comment – the lolcats were just too irresistible 🙂

lolcats align right

That simple comment took me more than 15 minutes to edit – Kitteh Lanwich rly iznt eezi to raat u no!

The weird thing though – I caught myself speaking in ‘Kitteh’ to Oki today – she did give me a funny look – she probably speaks Flemish Kitteh instead of Engrish 😀

Weird rash? Nope…

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I thought it was just another bout of one of Yasmina’s weird rashes, but after a visit to the doctor, it seems they are ‘pearl warts’, (normally more common with babies, as they like a sticky, humid environment the dr said) and she probably caught them when swimming.
The week after that, after applying a heavy layer of ‘magic cream’ , the dr scooped them out with a tiny icecream spoon. Now poor kid has an armful of red scars, like a bad bout of chicken pox. Luckily the weather isn’t too hot, as I told her she had to keep her arms (yeah well, you can hardly have a shirt with one long and one short sleeve) covered so as the sun wouldn’t touch it, otherwise it will leaves marks. She was really brave – normally she’s a wimp and I’m left with a numb hand ;D – and even kept an eye on proceedings – yes it does looks eew as it rather bleeds profusely, even when they’re all just superficial nicks.

You know why I deserve the tag ‘bad mother’? As my first comment was when the dr started “ooh, rats, I forgot my camera!” 😦


As voting is compulsary in Belgium, I had to leave my beloved PC for half an hour to go and tick the right box… Everyone has to do it – even the royals – and as I just heard on the news, so are the French today. Just goes to show how much politics plays a part in my life!

At 3 o’clock local time the voting closes and a few hours later we should about know who will push us around for a few years again. If you want to follow the results, the national broadcasting company made a special site for it.

In our town, voting happens electronically. You get a card that you have to insert in a slot after which you can vote on the screen. I probably didn’t have enough coffee yet, as it took me a few seconds prodding the screen with my finger before I realised I had to use the special pen provided with it – d’oh! I prefer the old times, when you had a (extremely large sometimes!) paper you had to unfold and find your preferred party and then use a fat red pencil to colour in the dot next to your candidate.

I didn’t take my camera with me this time – and the kids stayed home too – so no recent pics of the crowds… just an old one of the local elections of last year. I hope they’re happy with the results this time so we don’t need to go voting again too soon 😛


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