December 2006

A classmate of the girls phoned them yesterday – a boy in their class, cycling home from school at noon with two friends, crossed a train track but he didn’t make it – a high speed train got him…
He was only 12.
The whole evening the phone went – parents of friends, friends themselves, they talked about it on MSN, we talked about it and tried to get our heads around it. The one they felt most for was one of the boys who saw it happen. He’s a classmate too and they were best friends since kindergarten.
I feel for his family so much… I can’t get it out of my head…
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poem on the Schelde

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I just have my first picture ‘published’ on the web 🙂
Well, the first one I know of, as they asked me very politely if they could use it. As it’s my city featuring, how could I refuse?
It’s on the ErasmusPC site, the international network for cities and culture.
Ha, all of you who laugh at my Flickr addiction! Look who’s laughing now! ;D

Sinterklaas en Zwarte Pieten

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I had to be in the city and when I came out of the underground, suddenly I saw Sinterklaas and his helpers strolling over the Groenplaats! He even had his butler with him (or maybe that was his chauffeur). It put a smile on the face of most adults and made a few little ones anxious – it’s still 2 days till his big day, when you will see if you’ve been good enough during the last year so you get the presents you asked for…

My very first picture for my latest Flickr group, A Photo A Day Journal – I hope I will have the stamina to keep it up!