November 2006

You never know what life is going to throw your way. You don’t always need to come out of the house for it, but sometimes it helps.

Yesterday we went to a Christmas Market of a local school – a good friend of the girls went there and wanted to show her old school and show off her mum and all the splendid things she made for the fair. It was really impressive and I spent way too much money, but as it was artful, decorative and all for a good cause, who am I to grumble? The most astonishing thing though, when we were browsing through the books I heard a voice I recognised immediately, although I hadn’t heard it for over 25 years, I turned round and the profile hit me – a guy I went to university with all those years ago! Luckily he recognised me too because I was stinking jealous, I can tell you that – that guy was still looking as hot as he did 25 years ago! If he didn’t see it in my dropped-jaw-face then, he will know now, as I gave him one of my moo-cards to pick up the thread of then. All above board though – he’s one of the lucky ones – husband and father of a great family: 7 kids, I still can’t get over it, 2 is more than enough for me! But it made me decide to get out of this chair and away from this machine a bit more and get some excercise – that quarter of a century has certainly snuck up on me lately 😀

That was yesterday. Today I receive a mail from a friend: one of our good friends had been admitted to hospital with a colon infection yesterday evening. He died this morning at 2 am. It would have been his 53rd birthday on December 9. We wil be burying him this Friday, December 1. All of you who read this – spare a moment, a thought for him and the family he leaves behind. And cherish your life and your loved ones – you never know what life will throw at you…


My second and third set of Moo-cards have arrived. I’ll be sorting them out and probably I will make a collage with some of them. Pics to arrive soon!