October 2006

Rounded by Ghyslain Armand

A brown, flexible width theme.

I like this one – very chocolatey and warm-looking.


so I could really call a place my own. Ha! Dream on they say! 😀
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Veni, vidi, viciWha'?  They put me here!Snooze

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Another use for my Moo-cards

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As All-Souls is nearing, we went to the cemetery to put a plant (some heather this time) on my mother’s and her sister’s grave. I plastified a few of my moo-cards and made a kind of mobile/wire sculpture to stick in it. You’re not allowed to put any plants next to the marker, everything has to be on top – so you have to be crafty to get everything crammed in 🙂 The little sculpture of our virgin mary is an old one – it was decapitated when we arrived, but the head was lying nearby – I will have to revisit with a tube of superglue during the week…


Centre place in the clutter 🙂

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Moo-cards is a another idea that grew from/on Flickr – they’re just too cute for words 🙂

Now isn’t this a clever idea for my itty-bitty moo cards? A little scrap of handmade paper, a length of flower wire and voila! a little frame to put on top of the monitor 🙂 Next time I will use my pliers instead of just doing it free-hand – although I’m a big fan of crooked, this could use a bit of straightening out…

ooh – fingerprints on the monitor!

[ha! I would have been surprised if there weren’t any!]