We’re having this heatwave – very unsettling – so I don’t sleep much at night. But this night I did. Until 3.25 in the morning. Frantic ringing at the door. I wake up – almost – think I’m dreaming, turn over, but the ringing continues… I go and check at the kids’ bedroom window – that’s in the front. Good grief! Police, Fire Brigade – red and blue and orange lights flashing – 2 combis, 1 fire engine – the works…
So I stumble downstairs – yes I’m wearing my Winnie-the-Pooh baggy T-shirt – and open the door, still half asleep.
“Good morning Madam, sorry to disturb you, but the waterworks have burst a pipe just in front of your door and it’s looking serious. Can we check the cellar?” Me:”eh? Wha’? * blink, blink* I haven’t got a cellar!” “Oh, that’s allright then, no worries!” Me again:”Hey, you know what? When I lived in London we had a flood when the river broke her banks and they came to get me out of bed – at the same time!!!”

Yes, that’s right – it was the same ungodly hour, believe it or not! But this time it wasn’t Halloween, nor was it that serious. Just a load of mud it seems now, washed away from underneath the bushes at the other side of the street…

And no, I didn’t take any pictures. It’s pitch dark outside anyway, it’s raining (finally!) and I wasn’t going to go outside making a spectacle of myself with 10, 15 guys milling around 😛 So you just have to imagine it 😀 Maybe in a few hours, when it’s light. But probably everything will be sorted then already. The water company is working on it as I type. Police and Fire Brigade have gone. Maybe I will get some sleep still, otherwise I’ll nap during the day. Luckily it’s holidays and the kids are in London, so they don’t need to worry neither 🙂

Right – who said anything about upheavel? I should have kept my big mouth shut 😀