July 2006

snoepjeskast – or why I don’t seem to be able to loose any weight…

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On Flickr there are loads of groups – depending on interest and such like – one is the Monthly Scavenger Hunt – or the MSH for short. Every month you need to find 20 subjects, photograph them, and post them to the group. One of the subjects this month was ‘Evil’. I was really stumped there. My life is rather evilfree lately (touch wood!) and I just couldn’t find any inspiration. Until I got hungerpangs (or ‘goesting’ as we call it in flemish) and opened our sweets cabinet… and then inspiration struck. I should put a lock on it – but then it all goes to waste, and that would be evil too, no?

If you’re wondering what all the stuff is, click on the picture – in Flickr you can attach notes and that’s where it’s all explained…

Hmmm… I think I’ll have a frangipane, no, a waffle, no, a packet of penny wafers… Oh what the heck, I’ll have the last bar of chocolate – I’ll eat it with two slices of bread to diminish the sin…


Done and dusted

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You can hardly see anything happened – give the sun another hour and it will just be a memory…

Well, it did make my blog go off with a bang 😀

After cleaning the street, they even watered the replaced plants…

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They cleaned the whole bit where they worked so as not to leave any mud, for safety reasons. The even watered the plants they replanted – don’t know if they’re going to grow again, but it certainly is the thought that counts 🙂


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Uploading the big stone saw – I kept well out of reach!

They’re almost done – packing up their stuff after a morning hard work…

Lunchbreak 🙂

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There was loads of exciting bits inbetween – just go and check in Flickr – otherwise you will have to scroll until you’re blue in the face 😉

And yes, I did bring them some drinks inbetween – poor guys – can’t have them completely dehydrated!

A big lorry with a small bulldozer just came round for a look-see. They will have to break up the street and remove a bit of the hedge too, to check if there isn’t any subsidence. As our side of the street still has water, he advised me to better stock up a few buckets to be on the safe side. It could well be we’re without water later on 😦

I’ll keep you posted!

sand – the crack in the street is where the ‘springs’ were

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And as our house was just across, they probably didn’t want to take any chances – luckily we don’t have a cellar, so no worries after all…

You can find the rest of the pics on Flickr 🙂

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